Tatiana Uklist

Organization – StandWithUs

School – University of Houston

Graduation Year – 2018

Why are you excited to judge a pro-Israel meme competition?

Who wouldn’t be excited to judge a pro-Israel meme competition?? I get to productively procrastinate while also helping a cause that’s super important to me.

Why did you want to be a judge for this competition?

One of my good friends started Israel’s Dank Meme Stash so I’ve seen not only the laughs that these memes bring, but also the conversations that usually spark from these memes. So once the opportunity to get involved in this competition came up I definitely had to take it.

What are you looking to get out of being a judge for the pro-Israel meme competition?

I’m hoping that this inspires people to keep making memes. Especially memes about Israel that not only show the real Israel in a funny way, but also spark conversations inside and outside of our community.