Tamar Lyons

OrganizationStudents Supporting Israel (SSI)

School – Ryerson University

Graduation Year – 2019

Why are you excited to judge a pro-Israel meme competition?

I’m excited to be a judge in a pro-Israel meme competition because this is a unique and innovative contest! Nothing like this has ever existed and I’m excited to be a part of something so exciting. I’m always making and sharing memes, so “memes for a cause” is a really cool concept to me!

Why did you want to be a judge for this competition?

I want to be a judge in this contest because I love memes and Israel, so combining these two things is amazing and exciting! Social media is the newest and most effective platform for advocacy amongst millennials and as a Media Production student, this is what I focus on. My social media savvy and love for Israel make me an ideal judge in this competition.

What are you looking to get out of being a judge for the pro-Israel meme competition?

I hope to meet new people, expand my knowledge of Israel and Israel advocacy, and learn from my peers and others participating in the contest! I’m excited to get to use my passion for social media as a way to promote good causes, and I’m hoping to expand on that!