Maya Bentovim

Organization – IAC Eitanim

School – Northern Valley Regional High School at Demarest

Graduation Year – 2019

Why are you excited to judge a pro-Israel meme competition?

In the new age of social media, advertisers and advocators alike must find a new way to reach their target audience; that way happens to be—you guessed it—memes! I am excited to judge a pro-Israel meme competition because I think that it’s important that we spread awareness about Israel to the younger generations, and memes happen to be the fun and current way to reach their demographic.

Why did you want to be a judge in this competition?

As someone who has had quite a bit of experience, both in pro-Israel advocacy and in memes, I knew that I wanted to get involved and take up this opportunity to help spread support for Israel in a unique and creative way.

What are you looking to get out of being a judge for the pro-Israel meme competition?

I am hoping to see multiple perspectives and to aid the continuity of Israel advocacy to millennials and generation X. It will be interesting, and probably entertaining, to see the various creative ways that people shine a light on Israel through memes. In the end, I think we all share a common goal: to show our support Israel and have some good laughs.