Elie Codron


School – David Posnack Jewish Day School

Graduation Year – 2019

Why are you excited to judge a pro-Israel meme competition?

As soon as I read “pro-Israel meme competition,” I got excited! Memes have really become a way of communication and of education for millennials. As we saw in the last presidential election, memes can have a real impact and are now being taken very seriously by any big marketing companies. There are already many pro-Israel memes Facebook pages with very funny memes, but the power of those memes is that they make you laugh and at the same time, reveal the truth about Israel.

Why did you want to be a judge for this competition?

I wanted to be a judge for this competition because I’ve had a lot of experience reaching out to people my age to fight for Israel and help spread awareness about the injustices that occur in the media. Using memes and humor, I’ve found ample material to draw their attention and bring them to this important cause.

What are you looking to get out of being a judge for the pro-Israel meme competition?

I’m hoping I will create new connections with people that have two great qualities: a good sense of humor and a love for Israel. I am also hoping to have many laughs, learn a lot, and find the best memes to bring others together to help Israel.