Reservists on Duty

The organizations fueling the new anti-Semitism are doing so by spreading misconceptions that not only target the legitimacy of the Jewish state but target the entire Jewish People as well.

What is required, we believe, is a new, more assertive approach. therefore, RoD does not engage in ‘Hasbara’ (‘Israeli public diplomacy’) something that has unfortunately evolved into “apologizing prior to commencing any debate”.

Rather, unlike other pro-Israel organizations that work on campuses, we take an extremely proactive approach towards confronting BDS and the movements that defame Israel and the IDF. We do this by bringing IDF reserve soldiers to US campuses to counter BDS with the truth and reality of the Palestinian “narrative”; we train American Jewish students to speak on behalf of Israel with knowledge and self-confidence, and we educate the entire student population to the horrendous terror attacks that take place here on a regular basis, and the hatred that they represent.